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The life of a girl without much to say


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all about me,
-I really truely do believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

-I love boys that drink beer out of bottles...I don't care how much cheaper it is, cans are for pussies

-I am so scared of being judged, probably bc I am the most judgemental person in the world

-Sometimes I think too much about nothing...

-I am too busy trying to decide who I want to be like in life...and not enough being myself

-I put everything off until the last second bc I am scared to fail

-I judge things way too quickly...and then regret it later

-I need to travel...anywhere...everywhere

-I think about no one but myself too much

-I am the most complicated person you will ever meet

-I was hurt really badly...and sometimes it still hurts

-It's really nice to realize you aren't the only one

-All I need is the littlest gesture of kindness...it doesn't take much to make me smile

-Most things in my life are much easier said then done